Bringing Your Building Design Ideas to Life in Brisbane

If you have ideas and are planning a new build or renovation, you’ve come to SEQ Builders at the right time. SEQ Builders is the water to help your ideas grow and come to life. In our experience, the sooner you engage a professional builder to help with your design, the better. We look forward to working with you to get a great value-for-money design that is appropriate for you and your family.

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From Consultation to Drawing Plans

SEQ Builders have different design options available, from getting plans drawn up ready for engineering and certification, to the verbal consultation with a licensed builder to run through some possible design options and layouts. 3D options are available to put your wonderful visions into perspective, as well as virtual walkthroughs. Bring a notepad, as you will be surprised by the amount of information and ideas you will gain in these meetings.

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Designing for Properties on Sale

We are happy to be engaged in properties that are for sale, which you may consider bidding on at auction. A few tips or recommendations from us may be the difference between you putting an offer in with confidence, knowing what costs you may incur to make the property as you desire, and saving you from buying a house that has a repair bill charging more than you anticipated.

Please note this is not a building inspection, just building advice.

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Get in touch to arrange a consultation and discuss your options, on 07 3395 0040

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